Effective: 12 June 2023
Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how bebasinvestasi (“Bebas”) collects, uses, and discloses personal information collected from users (each, a "Users" or collectively, the “Users”) of the Bebas website ("Site"), mobile app (the “Application”) on the App Store and Google Play Store, and other online products and services (collectively, the “Service”).

The User acknowledges and guarantees that each User's data is valid, correct and accountable, and the User agrees to obtain, collect, store, manage, and use the data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Bebas Terms and Conditions.

Bebas reserves the right to periodically update this Privacy Policy in order to keep it current with technology changes, legal requirements, ever-evolving Bebas innovations, and User needs without prior notification to the User. The User should revisit this page from time to time to make sure User are aware of any updates.

Bebas secures all information the User submits when the User utilizes any of Bebas’s Services, including the personal data it manages by requesting confidentiality and integrity.


In accordance with existing laws and regulations in force in territory of the Republic of Indonesia including all its changes or additions or replacements in the future, Bebas collects, processes and/or uses User’s data and/or informations to administer and expedite the site's use as well as for other purposes. Information and/or data belonging to Users collected includes but not limited to:

  1. Information about the User, including:

    1. Name;

    2. E-mail;

    3. Phone number;

    4. Phone contacts;

    5. Government-issued ID.

    If deemed necessary, Bebas has the right to change the terms of data and/or information needed in connection with the Information Collection of User. Therefore, Users are required from time to time to visit the Bebas Application to make updates.

  2. Data is provided voluntarily by the User and the data and/or information submitted by the User must be valid, true, accurate and accountable. The data and/or information is submitted when the User:

    1. Create or update a Bebas account using the necessary information, such as a username, email address, phone number, password, address, photo and other personal data belonging to Users that are needed in the future;

    2. Contact Bebas, including through customer service;

    3. Interacting with other Users through messaging, leaving reviews, giving ratings, and etc.;

    4. Use Bebas Services to get detailed transaction information, such as type, payment channel, date, time, and other transaction information;

    5. Utilize features that ask for authorization to access the User’s device;

    6. Information that User disclose to Bebas while using Bebas Application(including information in any media that has been posted on Bebas Site or Bebas Application); and

    7. Any other data that User decides to disclose to Bebas.

  3. Data collected from other sources, including :

    1. Marketing and notification service providers;

    2. Publicly available sources.

  4. Data regarding User device and User visits to and usage of Bebas (including but not limited to your IP address, geographic location, browser type, device type, linking website, visit duration, and page views).

  5. Linked Social Media Account Information (third party).

    If the User chooses to enter the Bebas services through the User’s social media account, then the User hereby permits Bebas to receive User’s social media account information from the third party of social media providers (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google Play, Game Center). Any information and/or data that Bebas receives from these third party social media providers will be added to your account information.

User can withdraw User consent for the collection, acquisition, storage, use, processing, control, transfer, transmission, disclosure and / or protection of Personal Data as stipulated in this Privacy Policy and request deletion of such Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations by submitting a request for withdrawal and deletion by electronic mail to the Bebas through [email protected] or by way of through the menu in the Bebas Application, which is as follows: Akun > Pengaturan > Hapus Akun. User understand and agree that withdrawal of consent and request for deletion of Personal Data may result in User no longer being able to access and / or use the Bebas Application.

In connection with the withdrawal of the User’s data, the User hereby releases Bebas including but not limited to the Board of Directors, Board of Commisioners, employee, its representatives and/or its affiliates from lawsuit, demands, claims, and/or other legal actions from any party.


Bebas has the right to use the User’s information obtained, including personal data, in other ways that are allowed by laws and/or regulations in force in territory of the Republic of Indonesia including all its changes or additions or replacements in the future. User hereby agrees and irrevocably that Bebas has the right to use the User’s data including but not limited to:

  1. Identify and/or register you as a User through Bebas Application;

  2. Create, administer, verify, deactivate and / or manage User’s accounts;

  3. Perform specific electronic transactions, payments, or verifications necessary in connection with those electronic transactions or payments, among other services on the Bebas Application;

  4. Provide notifications or information about using the Bebas Application, such as any updates or modifications;

  5. Permits User to use the Bebas Application's interaction or communication features, such as services to contact the Bebas with inquiries and/or complaints;

  6. Strive to make the content and all information on the Bebas Application displayed in the most effective manner for User and the electronic devices that User use;

  7. Monitor and / or analyze the use or management of the Bebas Application in order to support the efficiency and effectiveness of the Bebas Application and other functions in it, including the usage patterns of the Bebas Application and the various services available in it;

  8. Repair, improve quality and / or develop services on the Bebas Application, including the security of the Bebas’s electronic systems;

  9. Carry out business processes and functions or other business activities by Bebas and / or its affiliates which are carried out fairly and properly;

  10. Provide assistance in connection with efforts to resolve operational and technical problems on the Bebas Application;

  11. Prevent, detect and / or investigate any activities that are prohibited, illegal, unlawful or constitute any form of fraud, including suspicious transactions, fraudulence, money laundering and / or terrorism financing;

  12. Produce information and analysis data for testing, research, analysis, product development, commercial partnerships and cooperation;

  13. Facilitate certain transactions or activities of Bebas and / or its affiliates;

  14. Internal and external audits conducted by Bebas and/or other parties appointed by Bebas;

  15. Enable the Bebas to comply with all obligations based on the prevailing laws and regulations; and

  16. All actions deemed necessary for the Bebas to achieve all of the purposes of the User in connection with the use and storage of User’s data and/or information

The information obtained (including Personal Data) will only be stored as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, or as long as such storage is required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Bebas will stop storing the obtained information as soon as it is deemed that the purposes for which the obtained information was collected and stored is no longer required for a reasonable or legally required purpose.


User’s account may be terminated upon request at any time. User’s profile, pictures, posts, and everything else User have added to Bebas will be deleted when User account is terminated. Anything User add will not be retrievable. User should be aware that information that other people have shared about User is not a part of User’s account and will not be deleted when User terminates User’s account. Please note that Bebas may retain certain information as required by law or for legitimate business purposes.

Bebas has the right to retain cached or archived copies of information about User for a certain period of time. In connection with account termination, the User hereby releases Bebas from all lawsuits, demands, claims and/or other legal actions from any party.

By deleting the User’s account, accordingly:

  1. Users can delete their Bebas account by accessing the menu: Akun > Pengaturan > Hapus Akun.

  2. User’s account cannot be reactivated, unless the User reactivates their account in 30 (thirty) days after account deletion. Subsequently, after 30 (thirty) days, the data will be deleted from Bebas server.

  3. In case the User has reactivated, the User can delete the User’s Bebas account with a waiting period of 14 (fourteen) days since the User’s account was reactivated.

  4. Terminating a Bebas account won't remove the data that is posted on search engines like Google or Bing since Bebas has no control over such websites.

  5. After Bebas account has been terminated, posts that other users have tagged you in will still appear, but other users will no longer be able to view User’s profile.

  6. When User terminates the User’s account, Bebas will take down the User’s account from the Website and some of the data gets removed from Bebas servers permanently.

  7. After User’s account has been terminated, all communications to friends can still be accessible. Some information, such as posts history, are not kept in User’s account.

  8. User’s shard will also be deleted.

  9. User’s account username, email address and phone number no longer be used for future registration processes. Therefore, the User is required to use another email address and phone number for the next registration process.

  10. If User’s account is verified, the status will be revoked if User terminates the User’s profile.

  11. Users can appeal for permanent data deletion from Bebas’s servers by contacting [email protected].

  12. Users can appeal for permanent data deletion from Bebas’s servers by contacting [email protected] or by way of through the menu in the Bebas Application, which is as follows: Akun > Pengaturan > Hapus Akun.

Users can restore their accounts with a waiting period of 30 (thirty) days. However, the User is not allowed to delete the User’s account during the waiting period, so the User must first pass the waiting period.


Most mobile devices have settings that prevent the Bebas Application from accessing some data without the user's permission. When the Bebas Application first asks for access to the data, User will receive a notification. The User has consented to agree with the Privacy Policy by using the Bebas Application and granting access to it. By granting permission from the User, the User hereby releases Bebas from all lawsuits, demands, claims and/or other legal actions from any party.


Unless User specifically requests it, Bebas will never scan or import User’s contacts. If User gives Bebas permission to do so, Bebas will only utilize User’s contact information to assist the User in discovering friends or contacts who also use Bebas.


In addition to the disclosures that are required for the purposes outlined above in this privacy policy, Bebas, upon providing prior written notification to the User, may disclose information about User:

  1. To the degree that Bebas must adhere to the laws and regulations in force in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;

  2. In connection with any pending or potential legal action (including any action that a third party may take, whether it be against Bebas, Users, or some other party);

  3. To law enforcement, government officials, or other third parties in the event that is required by a subpoena, a court order or decision, an order or decision from a competent institution, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, or in the event when Bebas need to exercise or defend Bebas’s legal rights (including providing information to others for the purposes of fraud prevention and reducing credit risk);

  4. To companies that we plan to merge with or acquire or are acquired by at a later time (should such a combination occur, Bebas will require that the new combined entity follow this Privacy Policy with respect to User’s Personal Data. If User’s Personal Data could be used contrary to this Privacy Policy, the User will receive prior notice);

  5. To investors or potential investors of the Bebas in connection with any merger, sale of Bebas assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by or into another company;

  6. To members of the Bebas’s affiliates, to provide joint content, products and services (such as registration, transactions and customer support), including those reasonably necessary to improve the performance and quality of the Bebas Application, develop features in the Bebas Application, among others, to perform maintenance and management of the Bebas’s systems, devices and networks;

  7. To banking partners (i) to comply with their anti-money laundering and countering of the financing of terrorism requirements; or (ii) if Bebas believe that disclosing User’s information is necessary to help Bebas or Bebas’s banking partners prevent fraud or assess and manage operational or financial risk;

  8. To consultants, auditors, service providers, or professional advisors to facilitate their provision of professional services to the Bebas;

  9. To other unaffiliated third parties for the following purposes:

    1. To help them prevent fraud or assess and manage risks;

    2. To help them comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing requirements;

    3. To enable service providers under contract with Bebas to support Bebas’s business operations, such as fraud prevention, bill collection, marketing, customer service and technology services.

Bebas will make reasonable efforts to delete Personal Data that, in Bebas’s sole and absolute discretion, need not be associated with User prior to providing or disclosing the Obtained.

Bebas may remove certain pieces of Personal Data that can identify a User so that it becomes anonymous data, and disclose such anonymous data to third parties. Bebas can also combine the Personal Data with other information in such a way that the information is no longer associated with the User, and then provides or discloses the combined information to third parties.


Bebas will take all necessary safety measures to prevent the loss, unauthorized use, or alteration of the User’s Personal Data.

The User’s personal information will be publicly available on the internet if User decides to include it in User’s public profile or in articles that User chooses to publish on Bebas Application, Site, and Services (entirely are discretionary).

All payment information is delivered using a secure protocol, however other data sent over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be secure because data transmission over the internet is generally insecure.

Users are in charge of maintaining the privacy of User’s password and User information.
Bebas won't inquire about User’s password (other than when User logs in).

In connection with this security, the User must maintain the entire User security system including but not limited to User data and/or information. All forms of security abuses caused by the Users, the Users hereby releases Bebas from all lawsuits, demands, claims and/or other legal actions from any party.


Users may come across advertisements or other content that links to the websites and services of Bebas’s partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors, and other third parties on the Site and Bebas Application. Bebas do not control the information or links that appear on these websites, and Bebas disclaim any liability for any actions taken by websites that are linked to or from Bebas’s Site and/or Bebas Application.

Additionally, the links and content of these websites and services may change frequently. These websites and services can have their own terms of service and privacy policies. Any other website that Users browse or interact with, including ones we link to, is governed by its own terms and regulations.

The Users must consent to be bound by and be governed by the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or other terms and conditions of the third-party service providers in order to use any Third-Party Services made accessible through the Service. The Users can find Bebas's terms and conditions at https://bebasinvestasi.com . Moreover, the Users confirm and declare that the Users have understood and accepted Bebas's Terms and Conditions by accessing Bebas through the Service.od and accepted Bebas's Terms and Conditions by accessing Bebas through the Service.


User hereby agrees that User’s failure to provide information and/or correct and accurate personal data is the full responsibility of Users for all losses that arise in the future, including for the loss of Bebas and other third parties. Bebas is entitled and authorized to close the User access to the Site and/or Bebas Application that is owned by Bebas. With respect to such failure, the User hereby releases Bebas of all lawsuits, demands, claims and/or other legal actions from any parties.

  1. Cookies are small files that are automatically stored inside the User device that operates the device in the form of managing the User’s preferences while on the Site and/or Bebas Application.

  2. A cookie consists of data that a web server sends to a web browser that the browser stores. Each time the browser asks the server for a page, the data is then transmitted back to the server. This allows the web server to detect and monitor the web browser.

  3. Other than what the User has agreed to disclose, these cookies are not intended to access any other data that the user may have on their computing device.

  4. On the website, Bebas might utilize both "persistent" cookies and "session" cookies. The session cookies will enable Bebas’s Site and/or Bebas Application to track User activities while the User browse. The persistent cookies will enable Bebas Site and/or Bebas Application to identify the User device when User access the Site and/or Bebas Application.

  5. Session cookies disappear from the User computer when the User closes the browser, while permanent cookies are stored until the User deletes them or until they expire.

  6. The User can typically choose not to accept cookies in the User's browser. Unfortunately, this will negatively affect the accessibility of several websites, such as Site and/or Bebas Application.

  7. In order to improve its services and features, Bebas may utilize features offered by third parties. This includes customizing and displaying adverts to each User in accordance with their browsing preferences or previous visits. User can set it through a browser if User don't want User’s advertisement to be shown depending on these settings.

  1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. Bebas may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure its consistency with Bebas’s business operations, future development, industry trends and/or changes in legal or regulatory requirements. Subject to User’s rights at law, User agree to be bound by the prevailing terms of this Privacy Policy as updated from time to time on this Bebas Application.

  2. Unless expressly regulated or the context stipulates otherwise in this Privacy Policy, the terms set forth in the Terms and Conditions will, when used in this Privacy Policy, have the same meaning as the meanings set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

  3. In managing the User personal information and/or data, Bebas is subject to applicable regulatory requirements, and Bebas does not trade information and/or User’s Personal Data obtained by Bebas through access activities and/or utilization of the Site and/or Bebas Application. Bebas is committed to always maintain confidentiality of User’s Personal Data and/or information, by making every effort the best that can be done in this regard, one of which is by using encryption technology, encryption techniques, authentication procedures, and eligibility checking procedures and/or security periodically, which aims to protect information and/or User’s Personal Data.

  4. Things that have not been regulated in this Privacy Policy or if there are things that are necessary changed, added, or replaced will be made provisions by Bebas in accordance with internal provisions and regulations that apply.


The Users fully understand and acknowledge (i) Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 24 of 2009 dated July 9, 2009 regarding Flag, Language, Coat of Arms and Anthem (the “Law No. 24”), and (ii) Presidential Regulation No. 63 of 2019 concerning the Use of Indonesian Language. Therefore, the User agrees that this Privacy Policy is in English language only, pending the issuance of a Government Regulation as the implementing regulation of Law No. 24, shall not be deemed as a bad faith intention of the User not to comply with Law No. 24. Immediately after (i) the interpretation of Law No. 24 concerning the foregoing becomes clear, or (ii) the issuance of a Government Regulation which requires an Indonesian language version of this Privacy Policy be executed, the User agree to do so in full compliance with Law No. 24, and (iii) Bebas will prepare the Indonesian Language version of this Privacy Policy, if in the future required as evidence of dispute settlement such Indonesian language document shall be deemed effective as of this Privacy Policy as if it was executed. In the event of any inconsistency between the English language texts and the Indonesian language text, or if there should be any dispute on the meaning or interpretation of certain provisions, the User hereby agree that the English language text shall prevail, and the relevant text in the Indonesian language version will be deemed to be amended to conform with, and to make the relevant Indonesian language text consistent with the relevant English text. The User further agrees that Bebas will in any manner or forum, or in any jurisdiction, challenge the validity of, or raise or file any objection to, this Privacy Policy or the transactions contemplated herein on the basis of non-compliance with Law No. 24.


If Users have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this Site and/or Bebas Application, or User’s dealings with this Site and/or Bebas Application. Users can contact or visit us:

Phone: 021-50100205
Neo Soho Residence Unit NS 3309, Grogol
Jakarta Barat, 11470
Email: [email protected]
Operational Hours: 09:00 - 16:00 WIB (GMT +7)